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Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation: Advocating for a cleaner and greener planet

10 August 2022 | Member Stories

Catalyst 2030 member Shoe Waste

Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation is a persuasive climate change advocacy movement open to all who share its quest for a cleaner and greener planet.

Sustainable Development Goals targeted

SDG 13 Climate action SDG 14 Life below water SDG 15 Life on land

Social entrepreneurs are known for finding solutions for society’s problems. What is the problem that you are addressing, and what is your solution?

We are a persuasive climate change advocacy movement open to all who share our quest for a cleaner and greener planet. Part of our advocacy involves organising events to create awareness and to sensitise people about environmental degradation and its effects on our ecosystem. We inspire, mentor and educate youth and the public about the continuous threat of climate change. We highlight how we can all become changemakers in our communities by pushing climate change narratives and taking preventive measures against climate disaster. We do this by:

  • Showing the music video, Mother Nature, on a projector screen or big screen
  • Sharing poetry and arts and holding craft displays
  • Hosting film shows
  • Visiting communities, schools and religious places of worship to hold interactive mentorship sessions
  • Our team members and volunteers speaking on radio shows

What do you see as the benefit of your Catalyst 2030 membership?

Our membership of Catalyst 2030 enables us to learn more about unexplored avenues of climate change advocacy and to network and exchange ideas.

Are you collaborating with any other Catalyst 2030 members?

We are yet to find members to collaborate with on climate change.

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