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C2030 Chapters on a systems change mission

6 November 2023 | Chapter News

Catalyst 2030 Chapter News November 2023
Catalyst 2030 Chapters are extending the movement’s systems change impact across the globe.


Cameroon Chapter hosts inaugural meeting

After the official launch of the Cameroon Chapter during September’s General Assembly, our dynamic members gathered for a hybrid meeting in Douala on 27 October. The event was a significant step forward in our collective mission to drive positive change and foster innovation in our global network. Members came together in-person and virtually, showcasing our commitment to collaboration, inclusivity and adaptation to the evolving world. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with each other, share experiences and discuss the next steps of the Chapter. The meeting demonstrated the rich tapestry of our membership, with individuals and organisations at various stages of development, working together for a common purpose. We would like to thank Mrs. Gisele Yitamben for hosting the in-person meeting in Douala.


Connecting Europe: A month of impact and collaboration

Catalyst 2030 Europe Impact Month kicks off on 13 November and runs till 13 December. Led by Europe Chapter, the month is all about sparking meaningful dialogue on social innovation, building bridges and taking action across Europe. The event is a collaborative effort supported by our partners and national chapters.

Catalyst 2030 Europe Chapter invited proposals for events, including workshops, panel discussions or anything out-of-the-box. The sky was the limit on formats and duration, with a few guidelines:

  • Make it relevant to Europe or European countries
  • Deliver value to the participants
  • Produce tangible outcomes
  • Align with the core values of Catalyst 2030
  • Foster collaboration, networking, or even thought-provoking discussions across Europe

The goal is to create a fertile ground for friendship, joint ventures and collective problem solving across Europe. Catalyst 2030 Europe Chapter wants Impact Month to buzz with conversations that can really drive the work of members forward. The programme is designed to be fully decentralised and led by community members.

Join our journey to:

  • Make connections spanning Europe and expand your professional circle with new friendships and alliances.
  • Showcase your work and elevate your revolutionary ideas and transformative solutions to a platform that echoes across continents.
  • Amplify Catalyst 2030’s collective voice. Together, we resonate louder and stronger. By pooling our energies, we can spearhead initiatives that will etch a lasting imprint on Europe’s future.
  • Network like never before. Last year 772 members united during 31 enlightening sessions. This year there’ll be even more avenues for meaningful connections.

Join Catalyst 2030 Europe Impact Month.


Hong Kong Chapter advocates wellbeing for the elderly

Catalyst 2030 Hong Kong visits elderly home

We are excited to share with you the wonderful visit that the Catalyst 2030 Hong Kong Chapter made to an elderly home. The purpose was to create a heartwarming and interactive session between the elderly residents and their carers, using innovative tools such as augmented reality (AR) technology and expressive art therapy to enhance their mental well-being.

The visit began with an introduction of AR technology. The Chapter volunteers created an environment where artwork came to life with special effects and animations. This not only engaged the elderly residents in a visually stimulating manner but also created a sense of wonder and excitement.

The elders were guided through expressive art therapy sessions, facilitated by trained professionals specialising in mental wellbeing therapy. Through the medium of art, including painting and drawing, elders were encouraged to express their thoughts, emotions and memories. The therapists skillfully adapted the exercises to cater to the abilities of each individual, ensuring a meaningful and inclusive experience for all.

As the sessions progressed, it was heartwarming to witness the connections formed between the elders and the carers. The use of AR technology and expressive art therapy transcended the barriers of age and communication, fostering a deeper understanding and empathy between the two groups. The elders shared their life stories, experiences and aspirations in a safe and nurturing environment, creating a true heart-to-heart connection. A 102-year-old elder put down her family members’ names to visualise the AR effect and share her feelings with carers.

Towards the end of the visit, the elders were given the opportunity to present their artwork with AR effects to their fellow residents and carers. This brought immense joy and a sense of accomplishment to the elders as they saw their creations come to life in a digitally-enhanced way. The Chapter volunteers, together with the Rotary Club of Tai Po, also presented the elders with thoughtful gifts, provided by Dr Kong and AESIR, as tokens of appreciation for their participation and openness during the visit.

The visit to the elderly home was not only a memorable and fulfilling experience for the elders but also a testament to the power of technology and expressive art therapy in promoting mental wellbeing. The heart-to-heart connection formed during this visit will continue to flourish and contribute to a richer and more compassionate community.

A special thanks to the satellite Rotary Club of Tai Po, Dr Kong and AESIR for organising this meaningful visit and creating a positive impact in the lives of the elderly residents. Let us continue to support and nurture the mental wellbeing of our elders through innovative and inclusive initiatives like these. Together, we can make a difference.


India Chapter launches fellowship programme

The Catalyst 2030 India Chapter (otherwise known as the National Association of Social Entrepreneurs – India) has launched the Catalyst for Change fellowship.

A six-month deputation or internship programme, the CFC Fellowship allows young professionals and mid-level managers/leaders from Catalyst 2030 member organisations to observe, immerse themselves in, and understand, the impactful work of a social impact organisation by working with social entrepreneurs. The fellows are expected to contribute to key strategic objectives while gaining invaluable experience and skills.

The programme’s expected benefits include:

  • Proximity to influential leaders with a proven track record of social impact
  • Access to networks of senior experts, leaders and thinkers
  • A deep understanding of collaborative work, theories of change and building missions and movements
  • An opportunity to work in specific thematic areas and contribute to organisational objectives
  • A steep learning curve, equipping participants with empathy and a profound understanding of social impact and fostering leadership development


LATAM Region networking and collaborating in action

Catalyst 2030 Latam Chapter November 2023
In a magnificent show of collaboration, during an online meeting Catalyst 2030 member Mauricio Caned, reports on in-person workshops on education that were given in Mexico. Nicole Swedlow, a member from Mexico who had conducted the workshops for free, announces that she is coming to Colombia and would love to run workshops in Colombia too. Catalyst 2030 then reaches out to ASHOKA Andean Region, an organisation with a longstanding commitment to transformative education, to help coordinate these workshops. Vanessa, a representative from ASHOKA Andean Region, connects with our ASHOKA Fellow and Catalyst 2030 member, Andrea Escobar, who, in turn, leverages her network to identify a suitable location in Bogota, with the involvement of local schools.

Thanks to Andrea’s efforts, a partnership with the Anglo Colombiano School is established, which generously provides the necessary space and resources to host these enlightening workshops. Nicole then proceeds to deliver an exceptional workshop, and we are thrilled to share some captivating photos of the event with you.

That’s how we make collaboration happen at Catalyst 2030.


Inspiring the next generation of Malaysian entrepreneurs

The Catalyst 2030 Malaysia October 2023

More than 30 children from Malaysia attended an educational camp at the Discovery Centre in Kuala Lumpur City Centre focused on youth development and personal growth on 8 October as part of the Junior Astropreneur XChange (JAX) Conference 2023 at Petrosains. The camp was co-hosted by Catalyst 2030 Malaysia Chapter and the Generasi Marikh Academy and headed by its managing director, Ahmad Syukran Mohd Idris. The young aspirant entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn from space experts and mentors, participate in workshops and pitch their ideas.

The Catalyst 2030 Malaysia Chapter October 2023

On 11 October Malaysia Chapter joined the 3rd Asia Pacific Family Business Summit 2023 themed ‘Innovating Sustainable Learning: Transforming for Business Continuity and Family Legacy’. Chapter Co-chair and Co-founder of Drop&Wash, Zarina Ismail Tom, spoke about Catalyst 2030’s vision, mission and global impact.


Nepal Chapter gears up for major events centering on entrepreneurship

In collaboration with different stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, CSOs, academia and national and international organisations, Catalyst 2030 Nepal Chapter is proud to announce two major events we are organising to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals – the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 and the World Social Forum 2024.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a global celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation happening from 13 to 19 November. The World Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2024 is scheduled for 17 and 18 February 2024 in Kathmandu on the occasion of the World Social Forum. The Forum is focused on creating and developing ecosystems and showcasing social enterprises, climate smart enterprises, green enterprises, responsible businesses, social solidarity economies and business and human rights.

Catalyst 2030 Nepal Chapter is seeking interested collaborators and partners for both GEW and WSF2024. You may get in touch with Nepal Chapter Chair Arjun Bhattarai via or via WhatsApp: +977 9851226925.


Singapore Chapter’s networking event

Catalyst 2030 Singapore Chapter members gathered at the SDG Center for the second in-person networking event on 24 October. Members enjoyed genial conversations over drinks and shared their plans for working towards the SDGs together.


Sri Lankan Forum on Sustainable and Inclusive Businesses

The Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka Chapter participated in the Forum on Sustainable and Inclusive Businesses for Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka on 27 September in Colombo. The forum was organised by the Sustainable Development Council of Sri Lanka and UNESCAP.

Attended by representatives from relevant government agencies, businesses, financial institutions, development partners and civil society organisations, the forum aims to:

  • Generate awareness and mobilise support to promote inclusive and sustainable enterprises.
  • Identify opportunities and concrete actions that can be supported and implemented in Sri
    Lanka to promote inclusive and sustainable enterprises.
  • Share new approaches that strengthen inclusive business models and provide a platform for networking between investors, governments agencies, development partners and firms.
  • Showcase successful enterprises adopting inclusive business models.

The Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka Chapter is privileged and grateful to be part of the discussions and looks forward to contributing to the collective goal to accelerate the SDGs in the country.


Vietnam’s social impact business ecosystem

Catalyst 2030 Vietnam Chapter News October 2023 (1)
Catalyst 2030 Vietnam Chapter News - October 2023
Vietnam’s social impact businesses ecosystem convened to discuss the collective future of the sector on 5 and 6 October. About 40 major stakeholders attended the event which was funded by the Canadian Department of Global Affairs (GAC) and jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Department of Enterprise Development (DED) – Ministry of Planning and Investment. The activity falls within the framework of the project called “Supporting the impact business ecosystem in Vietnam to respond to COVID-19” (ISEE-COVID).

The Catalyst 2030 Vietnam Chapter Co-chair, Dr. Thang Truong Nam, participated in the two-day gathering attended by leaders from relevant government agencies, intermediaries and impact investors – all contributing to the shared visioning of the future of social business in the country.

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