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Calling for systems change at the highest level

24 June 2021 | Catalyst 2030 News

Catalyst 2030 letter to G7

Catalyst 2030 exists because its members believe in taking collective action and finding bold, new strategies to reach the SDGs by 2030.

Ever since the organisation was founded just over a year ago, we have been calling for social entrepreneurs and community leaders to have seeds and the local, national and international decision-making tables. We know that the biggest challenges we face can be solved if we work in partnership.

It was with that in mind that a letter was delivered to the G7 delegates who met in Cornwall, United Kingdom, earlier this month. The same letter will be delivered at the G20 in Italy in October.

The letter invited the G7/G20 to recognise the innovative approaches and transformative solutions offered by social entrepreneurs who are “willing, available and physically present in the hardest to reach regions of each of your countries”.

Specific recommendations included a recognition that service delivery is hindered by narrow minded, siloed and underfunded approaches and that social entrepreneurs are well placed to work with governments to drive essential inter-sectoral social innovation.

The letter included calls for:

  • the establishment of high level social entrepreneurship units within governments;
  • the development of national social innovation agendas and strategies;
  • the creation of mechanisms for collaboration;
  • the direction of multilateral, bilateral and regional institutions towards an entrepreneurial mindset; and
  • support for a role within the office of the UN Secretary General / Deputy Secretary General to maximise the potential of social entrepreneurs to achieve skills transformative results.

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