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Catalyst 2030 Chapters extend systems impact to infinity and beyond…

9 October 2023 | Chapter News

Catalyst 2030 Chapter news for October 2023

The Malaysia Chapter cohosted the Junior Astropreneur Exchange (JAX) Conference 2023 as part of World Space Week early in October. And around the globe seven new Chapters launched: Cameroon, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritania, Myanmar, Thailand and Venezuela.


New policies to enable the Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem in MENA

In collaboration with Catalyst 2030 MENA Chapter, COSV (Coordination of Organizations for Voluntary Service) conducted a short-term peer exchange programme for social entrepreneurs operating in the MENA region to engage with Lebanese incubated, collaborative initiatives. They shared experiences, challenges, and success stories, and contributed to a policy paper entitled The Role of Social Enterprises in the advancement of SDGs in Lebanon and in the MEDITERRANEAN Region.

The paper outlined how the scope of action of participating social entrepreneurs helps in the advancement of SDGs within the context of the economic and social values of their businesses.

Read about the Social Entrepreneurship Peer Exchange Program.


Nepal Chapter launches Green and Clean Campaign

Catalyst 2030 Nepal chapter launched Green and Clean Campaign
Catalyst 2030 Nepal Chapter and the Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI) hosted the Green and Clean Campaign on 2 September. The project transformed the Doleshwor Temple area in Suryabinayak Municipality – 8, Bhaktapur district in Nepal. Its 200 attendees, including enthusiastic youth representatives of different organisations, aimed to rejuvenate the environment.

The campaign was supported by VSF Global, Suryabinayak Municipality, Ward-8, Doleshwor Temple Management Committee, the Solid Waste Management Association (NEPSEMAC), Smart Club, Youth Initiative, National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF), Doleshwor Youth Club and other like-minded organisations. Chaired by Mr. Arjun Bhattarai, head of the Catalyst 2030 Nepal Chapter and President of the Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI), the event featured Mr. Mahesh Basnet, a former minister, as the chief guest. Mr. Basnet emphasised that tree planting should go beyond environmental conservation and contribute to economic and social justice within the community. Mr. Dharma Raj Basnet, President of the Doleshwor Temple Management Committee, shared insights into the temple’s history and outlined plans for its development as a tourist destination. Other esteemed guests included the Hon. Kiran Thapa, Member of Parliament for Bagmati Province and Ms. Sarita Timsina Bhattarai, Deputy Mayor of Suryabinayak Municipality.

The Green and Clean Campaign showcased the power of collaboration as staff, volunteers and members from various organisations and local communities came together to clean, plant and revitalise the Doleshwor Temple area, setting an inspiring example for community-driven environmental initiatives.


Australasia Chapter hosts first hybrid Regional Assembly

Australasia first hybrid Regional Assembly

On 26 September, Catalyst 2030 Australasia Chapter hosted its first hybrid Regional Assembly held physically in CurateSpace Melbourne and via Zoom. This is the Australasia Chapter‘s strategy to enhance engagement and connection among its members who are spread all over the region, especially as more social and systems innovators join from Pacific nations.

During the regional gathering, the Chapter’s action plan and the different volunteer roles in the Core Group that are vacant and open for expressions of interest were presented. Members based in Oceania may access the Catalyst 2030 Australasia Core Group – Expression of Interest form.


Malaysia Chapter in site visit and meeting with Petrosains

Malaysia Chapter at the JAX Conference
On 13 September, the Malaysia Chapter had a meeting and site visit for the inaugural Junior Astropreneur Exchange (JAX) Conference 2023 in Malaysia. PETROSAINS, the ultimate science discovery centre, the main event venue sponsor for this stellar occasion in our Chapter. Catalyst 2030, Generasi Marikh Academy and Petrosains joined forces to organise this groundbreaking event. JAX 2023 promises a day filled with awe-inspiring talks, interactive sessions and hands-on experiences in the world of astropreneurship on 8 October at Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The Malaysia Chapter would like to thank Petrosains for being the main event venue sponsor for this conference.


Hong Kong Chapter launches tech for elderly wellbeing

Hong Kong launches tech for elderly wellbeing

The Hong Kong Chapter has introduced an incredible augmented reality Art app with their volunteer programme for elderly services. The app can make an impact on the emotions of beloved senior citizens. This app helps to uplift the spirits and improve the mental wellbeing of Hong Kong’s elderly population. The Chapter believes that everyone deserves to experience the healing power of art and feel a sense of belonging in community. Watch the video and read about the Hong Kong Chapter’s Art app.


Latin America Chapter first in person meeting

On 13 September the Latin America Chapter held its first in-person meeting at The Wellbeing Summit in Bogota, Colombia. Members had the opportunity to exchange ideas and initiatives and share Chapter achievements. Several chapter organisations from various Latin American countries participated. We had the opportunity to be with our co-chairs Gaby Arenas and Luis Camargo, and would like to thank all our members for participating in this space.


Colombia Cuida Colombia to host Catalyst 2030 Colombia Chapter

Catalyst 2030 Colombio Chapter News October 2023
Colombia Cuida Colombia is a national movement, network and community that started in March 2020 to protect people from one pandemic, COVID-19, and extended unexpectedly to a second pandemic in the country, hunger.

Today, Colombia Cuida Colombia has more than 400 partners from the social and private sectors. The alliance understood that by connecting and working collaboratively, they would achieve the impossible – drive social transformation of the country.

At the Colombia Chapter meeting on 13 September, this alliance announced that it would host Catalyst 2030 Chapter in Colombia. The Colombia Chapter is excited to continue co-creating and collaborating at all levels with members in Colombia, hand-in-hand with Colombia Cuida Colombia.


ASEAN Chapter welcomes new Core Group members

With the rapid expansion and the recent launch of new chapters in the Southeast Asia region, the Catalyst 2030 ASEAN Chapter has welcomed new members to its core group. Joining the Core Group are Dr Thang Truong Nam (Vietnam Chapter chair), Tommy Tjiptadjaja and Dessy Aliandrina (Indonesia Chapter co-chairs) and Gin Keat Ong (Singapore Chapter chair). The Chapter also welcomed Faiz Kalamundin and Zarina Ismail, the second generation of leaders of the Malaysia Chapter. The Asean Chapter will revisit its action plan to focus on enabling collaborations across the movement, supporting budding chapters and advocating for an SE policy in the region.


APAC info drive

APAC held several information sessions across Asia Pacific in September to grow and improve representation in the ever-thriving movement. The APAC portfolio hosted sessions where social innovators who are not yet part of the movement had the opportunity to share their impact stories, connect with others in the social innovation ecosystem and learn about Catalyst 2030. Sessions were held for Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

Seeing the outcomes of these conversations, more info sessions will be organised in October, targeting Central Asia, Japan, Cambodia, Maldives and Taiwan. More details will be released in the coming weeks via Catalyst 2030 Asia Pacific’s social media channels.

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