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Catalyst chapter supports Sri Lanka’s new economic movement

6 February 2023 | Catalyst 2030 News, Chapter News

Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka Chapter

The new Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka Chapter was launched in December 2022, with a vision to help build the Sri Lankan economic movement that has emerged as many entrepreneurs, corporates and consumers choose to prioritise people and planet in their work and daily lives. The chapter believes it is critical to create a way for everyone to get involved in this movement and aims to play a facilitating role.

Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka launch
Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka launch

Working with start-ups, SMEs and corporates

Working with start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), on the one hand, Catalyst Sri Lanka will highlight their work and guide their business commitment to ensure that their practices and values are aligned with this focus on people and the planet. On the other hand, they also plan to reach out to companies that are trying to transform; helping them to adapt their business practices and to develop new missions which are good for people and the planet.

Choose, communicate and collaborate

In choosing to support this business commitment, Catalyst Sri Lanka has identified three pillars for its work: choose, communicate and collaborate. “Through the Catalyst 2030 Sri Lanka Chapter we talk about the choices we’re making in our daily life and work with friends, family, community, colleagues, customers, suppliers, and service providers,” explains chapter member Achala Samaradivakara. “Communicating about practical, Individual and organisational action can inspire others and encourage them to make a transition. It raises the bar. It makes everyone feel less alone and overwhelmed. It mainstreams the new economic story in the country,” says Achala.

Catalyst Sri Lanka believes that recognising and celebrating the work that others are doing are powerful ways of building a movement. The economic transition that the country has embarked on is too big for any one individual, organisation, or network to take on. Collaboration is key to how they will go from voluntary choices at a personal and organisational level to changing the story and rules at a system level.

Already the chapter has attracted attention from potential partners, with the American Embassy in Sri Lanka expressing interest in supporting the Initial phase.

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