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Cell4Change: Donated smartphones opening the doors of learning

8 March 2022 | Member Stories

cell4change, Catalyst 2030 member story

SDG 4 Quality Education SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals

Cell4Change is a social enterprise in South Africa using donated smart and mobile devices to teach learners and train teachers in rural and township communities.

Social entrepreneurs are known for finding solutions for society’s problems. What is the problem that you are addressing, and what is your solution?

Children in townships do not always have access to early childhood development (ECD) content, but research has shown that children who do are likely to earn 25% more as adults than those not exposed. Cell4Change believes that inequalities in Internet connectivity and access to devices should not limit children’s exposure to technology, education and quality ECD content.​ The organisation also collects and refurbishes tech hardware with the aim of helping children to become teach-savvy, boosting their ability to read, write, spell and do maths before the age of 10.

What do you see as the benefit of your Catalyst 2030 membership?

The biggest benefit is access to different networks for collaboration.

Are you collaborating with any other Catalyst 2030 members?

Yes, we are currently collaborating with Edu-fy Pty Ltd, which is assisting us to collect pre-loved mobile devices in Australia to be repurposed for up-skilling the ECD practitioners in South Africa; and we are also working with the German organisation be.modos.

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