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Changemaking Network Effects available

6 November 2023 | Member Initiatives

Changemaking Network Effects

Social Entrepreneurs devote their entire lives to systemic social change. But the world is changing too fast for any one organisation, or even an alliance of organisations, to have all the answers.

Everyone who cares is needed, the systems changer in all of us needs to be activated.

Crack the code to changemaking

So, the code to crack is how to organise and speed up mass changemaking to power profound multi-system shifts sooner rather than later and how to create changemaking ecosystems that will outlast the organisations that designed them.

Changemaking Network Effects: A Playbook for Social Entrepreneurs by Sushmita Ghosh attempts to crack this code, drawing on the insights of some of the most impressive global social entrepreneurs, including some members of our Catalyst community.

It captures five principles (and accompanying practical how-to’s) used by these social entrepreneurs to orchestrate the coming together of several systems, their players and concerned citizens to serve positive social change goals, such as ‘Zero Homelessness’, ‘Health Care Without Harm’ and ‘Holding Power to Account’ in global changemaking networks, harnessing their own impact.

It is a must-read for every social sector organisation, company, funding agency, student, or concerned citizen who cares about a new way of organising mass changemaking to outsmart and outpace the world’s biggest problems.

Benefit from the promotion and download Changemaking Network Effects: A Playbook for Social Entrepreneurs for FREE.

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