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Bunyala Youth Advocate And Civic Educators Bunyala Youths Advocates

Due to lack of knowledge, poverty and poor infrastructure, most farmers still practice subsistence farming in Kenya. Supporting rural farmers and improving farm-based income, the organization proposes to implement a sustainable farming initiative. The proposed project will enhance farmer’s knowledge on various aspects of sustainable farming. This will help improve productivity while increasing crop yields, thereby improving their income.We augment the livelihood of rural communities in Kenya by enhancing advocacy in the resilience of agriculture through the development, promotion and adoption of Sustainable Farming Practices. we reduce the impact of climate change in agricultural production by investing in developing climate advocacy to improve the quality of life for rural households and communities in Kenya. Our initiatives strive to achieve improved resilience of smallholder farmers to the impacts of climate change and strengthen marketing system for agriculture production in order to achieve sustainable food security.

Collaboration stage



Member Facilitated

Number of members



John Wabwire SHIKUKU


Susana Del Mar Ramirez John Wabwire SHIKUKU Lana Koubaitary


Lana Koubaitary

Country Focus


Regional focus

Eastern Africa

SDG Focus

SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 13 - Climate Action

Issues addressed

Food & Agriculture

Collaboration needs

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