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Creating Systems Change with Cynthia Rayner and Jeroo Billimoria

13 September 2023 | Member Podcasts, Podcasts

Mission to Change Season 3 Episode 5

Impact entrepreneurship stands at the forefront of innovative solutions to global challenges. This concept, pivotal in driving societal change, was explored in depth by Cynthia Rayner and Jeroo Billimoria during their enlightening discussion hosted by Catalyst 2030. Their conversation sheds light on the critical role of impact entrepreneurs in creating sustainable systems change. By combining entrepreneurial acumen with a passion for social good, impact entrepreneurs are redefining the landscape of business and philanthropy. They navigate complex social issues, leveraging their ventures to generate not just economic returns, but also significant social and environmental impacts. This paradigm shift is vital for addressing the urgent needs of our time, from climate action to social equity. The insights from Rayner and Billimoria offer invaluable guidance for aspiring impact entrepreneurs, illustrating how innovative thinking and a commitment to change can create lasting positive impacts worldwide.

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