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Developing Infrastructure for Systems Change Finance: Four Illustrations (2020 Skoll World Forum Recording)

8 April 2020 | Events

In case you missed it, here is a recording of the Catalyst 2030 session during the 2020 Virtual Skoll World Forum Week.

Session Description: The scale and complexity of needed systems change financing requires development of new infrastructure. It must include, but go well beyond, foundations and impact investors to include a broad array of financing types. Infrastructure includes new networks, new institutions and new products. This session will present for discussion examples of all of these with individuals leading their development: a Systems Change Financiers network that is being proposed through Catalyst2030 and the SDG Transformations Forum; a new stock exchange planned for opening this year in Scotland with a social finance focus; a new approach to an investment fund, and a new product that shifts from insurers and others from paying for damages caused by forest fires to preventing them. Your comments will be integrated in the approach, and we look to further develop the systems change financing community with you.

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