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Image & Optics of Social Sector in India (Present Vs Desired)

02 May 2023 | 11:00 - 12:30
Discussions with government officials, corporate, business representative or UN representatives
Online/offline hybrid regional and country events

The panel will be focusing on critical questions about the need for a Social Sector in an evolved democracy, the expectations from the sector, its current image, and the changes that are essential and desirable. This event is a part of CCW, which is the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Join us for an engaging session with industry leaders and experts!

Shifting Narrative Context:
Overall narrative for the sector attempted to be changed from being an implementation sector or drivers of last-mile delivery of services (that is the current stereotypical connotation) to being partners with subject matter expertise lending credibility to the project and initiatives.

The current narrative undermines the contribution and expertise of the social purpose organizations toward nation-building. The sector needs to be treated with more respect and equitability to hold its place as a vital stakeholder in the ecosystem of the nation’s development in spaces such as policy reformations and think tanks for holistic development.

The narrative shift is not only aimed at government or corporate partnerships but to aspire individuals, especially youth who could commit themselves to serve the sector as part of their own growth and progress journey.

Big Goal for The Social Sector:
To be seen as credible and respected experts on delivering positive social change

Engage diverse stakeholders across sectors over a panel conversations around key issues pertinent to narrative shifts for the social sector.

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