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Help shape the Circular Economy Toolkit

4 August 2023 | Collaborations

SDGs and the circular economy

Catalyst 2030’s impactful initiative needs your feedback

We have an exciting opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact on the design of a Circular Economy Toolkit .

Bukola Dagiloke of Global Fashion Marketplace is working with the dynamic the Catalyst 2030 Fashion Waste Stream Group to influence the fashion industry to become more environment-friendly. A member of the C2030 UK Chapter, Bukola is developing a guide to equip business leaders, educators and young professionals with a deeper understanding of the circular economy.

At this crucial stage, the team needs your feedback to confirm their target audience. They have already established three core customer profiles, but they need to validate and refine these with insights from the Catalyst 2030 community.

By getting involved, you not only become part of the action but also contribute to fostering an environment where we grow through learning and collaboration.

To ensure an interactive and straightforward process, the team has developed an engaging questionnaire to gather your feedback.

Participate now in developing the Circular Economy Toolkit: See the Catalyst 2030: Waste Stream Audience Characterization form

Together, we can make a significant difference in promoting a circular economy and empowering future generations.

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