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Innovative Finance for Inclusive Value Chains (2020 Skoll World Forum Recording)

5 April 2020 | Events

In case you missed it, here is a recording of the Catalyst 2030 session during the 2020 Virtual Skoll World Forum Week.

Session Description: We know that capable ventures do not have easy access to growth capital from mainstream financial players. This not only stunts the socio-economic progression of those ventures that global value chains depend on, but also hinders the progress of companies that seek to build inclusive and sustainable supply chains.

An Innovative Finance Solution

To address this challenge, this session will introduce a new, fully SDG conscious, Innovative Finance Solution being developed and driven under the Catalyst 2030 initiative. It aims to make affordable working capital available to proven social ventures in order to help them to grow their operations and increase their impact.

Learn more about the innovative model and how you can support and participate in the movement.

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