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Latin American culture woven in hammocks

9 October 2023 | Collaborations

Catalyst 2030's Catalyst Market member Hamac del Sol

The name of each Hamac del Sol product captures the essence of the weaver who created it, telling the artisan’s story. The hammocks of this Catalyst Market member pay tribute to Latin America and its rich culture and de ep-rooted traditions. The company’s aim is to highlight the exceptional work of these creators, while promoting fair trade and respect for the environment.

Hamac del Sol has its genesis in the weaving workshops in the region, where the the ancient techniques of hammock weaving were passed down through generations to the mostly women artisans. “After facing conflict and the shadow of colonisation,” says founder, Michael Minjol. “These women rose as guardians of the tradition, boosting the local economy through the woven hammock shops they founded.”

The brand’s values are based on respect for know-how and fairness. Justice is promoted in all hammock production in Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua. “Close collaboration is established with each country to ensure fair working conditions for artisans and a fair distribution of prices,” explains Elisa López Gómez,
Sales and Marketing Manager.

Hamac del Sol advocates for the emancipation of women, guaranteeing equal pay and supporting the education of the children of artisans. For example, in the Nicaraguan hammocks, women play a prominent role in the creation of fringes, weaving, and decorative details, while men participate in the elaboration of the body, arms, and assembly of the hammock.

At 11 meters long, Hamac del Sol’s Super Giant hammock is the largest hammock sold in the world.

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