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Opportunities for social innovators (August 2023)

7 August 2023 | Opportunities

opportunities for social innovators
Find out below about the opportunities for funding, learning, events, support and reports that help for social entrepreneurs and innovators.


Transformative Partnership Award

With the Transformative Partnership Award the Collective Leadership Institute recognises cross-sector partnerships. Apply on the Collective Leadership Institute website before the 31 August 2023 deadline.


Gupta Family Foundation Grant

The Gupta Family Foundation grant application is now open. Grant applications will be accepted starting from July 1 2023 to September 30 2023. If you are an applicant from India, the US, Botswana, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Rwanda, South Africa or Thailand, you are eligible to apply for this grant. The foundation evaluates and awards annual and multi-year grants ranging from $5,000 to over $250,000. We encourage all members with innovative and impactful initiatives within the budget range of $300,000 to $3,000,000 to take advantage of this opportunity. For more detailed information, please visit their official website at


Western Union Foundation Fellowship

The Western Union Foundation Fellowship programme, powered by the Watson Institute, is a fully-funded transformative 16-week programme for young entrepreneurs and community leaders who are from, and work with, marginalised, refugee and forcibly displaced communities. The programme offers skills to access economic opportunities and the chance to secure seed funding. Apply on the Watson Institute website by the 18 August 2023 deadline .

The Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship

The ‘Rising Leaders of Mexico’ Fellowship is a programme designed to equip next-gen entrepreneurs from Mexico with the skills, resources, and experience to scale the impactful ventures they are building. Fellows will join the Western Union Foundation Fellowship programme alongside 45 other entrepreneurs to learn advanced skills in entrepreneurship and leadership, have the opportunity to earn seed funding, gain experience, and build a global network, as they lay the foundation to empower many more individuals and transform their communities.

Learn more and apply on the Watson Institute website. The deadline is 18 August 2023.


A Ten-Part Series Every Funder Should Read

Alliance in collaboration with WINGS has been commissioned by Propel Philanthropy to conduct a 10-part interview series on the work of social impact support srganisations and the benefits they bring to the sector. From 24 May through 28 August 2023 Alliance magazine is conducting a one-of-a-kind ten-part interview series which includes eight social impact infrastructure organisations (SIIOs) and two representatives from foundations that fund them. The series will cover diverse SIIOs in category, size, and geographies within the US and the Global South. Some SIIOs to be highlighted include the United Philanthropy Forum, WINGS, TechSoup, Dasra, Generation Pledge, NEID Global, and Epic Africa. To read more about the 10 part series, visit

The Philanthropy Transformation Initiative (PTI) and report

The Philanthropy Transformation Initiative (PTI), conceptualised and hosted by WINGS, is a collective effort by philanthropy networks, advisories, support organisations, academic centres, and funders from around the world to challenge our field to transform ourselves, our practices and our institutions and build a movement to address existential global challenges. PTI also came out with a report aiming to make intelligence on debates, reports, guides, tools, and practices that our members and partners have developed in their respective spheres of influence accessible and for it to inform and influence the norms that shape the field for years to come. Read about PTI.

Evaluation of the Shifting Systems Initiative (SSI)

The recently released SSI report is designed to take readers through this process step-by-step. First, it shares insights about the changing context and its implications for SSI. Then it synthesises findings about how SSI is perceived and the value it has added to the field, including reflections on the effectiveness of the tactics. Finally, it makes recommendations for increasing SSI’s impact in the future, followed finally by five potential scenarios for SSI’s position and perspective going forward.

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