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Prioritising wellbeing for social impact

6 November 2023 | Collaborations

Wellbeing round table

As we navigate the evolving landscape of social impact, we recognise the growing importance of wellbeing. Social innovators/entrepreneurs and impact leaders face unique challenges that profoundly affect their own and their organisations’ wellbeing. To address this, Catalyst 2030 launched Wellbeing Roundtables in partnership with Manah Wellness.

In recent roundtable discussions, leaders in the social impact sector explored the question of how to prioritise community wellbeing. Our first roundtable on 27 October witnessed active participation and provided enlightening insights.

We invite all Catalyst 2030 members to participate in these roundtable conversations. If you’re interested, please contact Meri Harismendy at

Together, we can create a community that thrives in its mission while placing member wellbeing at the forefront. Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes and insights from these discussions as we continue our journey toward enhanced wellbeing for all.

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