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Social Impact Educators Series

12 September 2023 | Events, Systems Change Learning

Social Impact Educator Series A Game Changer

Systems Education: A Game Changer in Preparing for the Complex Global Landscape

Date and time: 19 September 2023 at 4:30 pm IST/ 1:00 pm CEST/ 7:00 am EDT

The rise in social entrepreneur education emphasises ventures dedicated to social and environmental impacts. (Hockerts, 2018; García-González and Ramírez-Montoya, 2021; Kickul et al., 2021).

This shift has led to a more balanced approach to business where profit is intertwined with purpose. This interconnection needs a systems-level approach to address society’s challenges, from structural changes to transforming relationships, recalibrating power dynamics and amplifying the voices of the proximate leaders – those working at the front lines of social challenges.

To equip the next generation of students and social innovators to navigate this complex environment, a focus on “inner work” (Ives et al., 2020) must be encouraged. This will enable them to adopt a systems mindset to build self-awareness, nurture empathy and understand unconscious bias. This mindset is characterised by flexibility and adaptability so that social innovators can deconstruct and map the system and unearth root causes that will help them to develop solutions to complex social problems.

Systemic change requires a collaboration between multiple systems actors. Through collective action and systems thinking we can influence systemic change and prepare students and social innovators towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

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About the Systems Learning Series

The Systems Change Learning Series aims to boost, support and enhance learning for Catalyst 2030 members. Session and workshop recordings, presentations and other related resources can be viewed in the Systems Change Learning section of the Catalyst 2030 website.

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