#LearningPlanet – Launch of Learning for Sustainability Circle in Collaboration with Club of Rome

1. Carlos Álvarez Pereira (Club of Rome), 2. Olivier Bréchard (#LearningPlanet), 3. Gaëll Mainguy (#LearningPlanet)

Surpassing disciplines, the #LP Education for Sustainability Circle will explore how learners of all ages can develop the necessary knowledge and skills for collaborative problem solving and addressing SDGs.

TAGS: Youth, Education, Climate

4. Quality Education 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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The Global Solution

1. Luigia Alexandra D’Aloè (Green Revolution Foundation), 2. Jeremy Hale (Green Revolution Foundation), 3. Selin Ozbeden (Green Revolution Foundation), 4. Bharat Sharma (Dakshas), 5. Attila Suba (Green Revolution Foundation)

This session will discuss how we can solve the climate crisis with already gathered knowledge. We will highlight future mistakes to avoid and new ways of communicating a multidisciplinary approach.

TAGS: Climate

All SDGs

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