1. Kavita Anand (Founder-Director Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation), 2. Deepa Varadarajan (Founder Pramiti Philanthrophy), 3. Dilshad Mehershahi (Co-founder Mann), 4. Meagan Fallone (CEO Barefoot College International), 5. Natasha Joshi (Associate Director Rohini Nilekani Philanthrophies), 6. Eme Iniekung (Program Coordinator Philantrophy Circuit), 7. Rachel Lewis (Investment Director Kiva)

The transference of money toward pandemic efforts has highlighted the fragility and vulnerability of SE’s who have created dependent financial models. This begs the questions, what does it take for communities to become self-sufficent? and how can we desrisk and redefine our own operating models as part of shifting the funding paradigm?

TAGS: Localisation IBG, Funding

17. Partnerships for the Goals

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