1. Ben Beers (Echoing Green), 2. Emily Weltman (Collective Flow Consulting)

We know within institutions and organizations, conversations on race are riddled with legacies of colonial pasts, guilt, shame and vulnerabilities––and often avoid discussions of how prevailing systems of economic and political decision-making maintain or reinforce inequity, preserving profits or control.

Candid conversations on systems of racial inequity are needed, yet very seldom happen in a way that explores the challenges of inequity and business practices are often complicit in the maintenance of these systems, especially when discussing the SDG’s.

These power dynamics have been dominant within our funding strategies, our networks and relationships, and in the narratives that have prevailed as a result. This hinders our ability to create the deep change that is required for true racial justice.

This interactive workshop is both a safe space to have an authentic, honest conversation about the far-reaching implications and urgency to dismantle structures that uphold white supremacy, patriarchy, and class divisions. More importantly, it’s a call to action for Catalyst members to collaborate and accelerate the work needed to achieve the SDGs through a social justice lens.

Join us as we uncover gaps and identify challenges to addressing the systemic issues that continue to slow the progress of reaching the SDGs.

TAGS: Structural Racism IBG

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 10. Reduced Inequality 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

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